Class: February 22nd Saturday & 23rd Sunday, 2020

Official KIMURA-DILLIKAR REHS Review Course:

This course is recognized by the CDPH (California Department of Health).

Information on registration for the exam is on the following link:    http://www.cdph.ca.gov/certlic/occupations/Pages/REHS.aspx       

Please consider becoming a CEHA (California Environmental Health Association)  member.   http://www.ceha.org

Course Instructor: Deepa Dillikar MPH, REHS

Prepare for the California Registered Environmental Health Specialist  (REHS) examination course ( 2-Day review course )

This course was created by the late William “Bill” Kimura MA, REHS.  Bill was the recipient of the prestigious  2013 CEHA Vince Dunham Memorial Award.

Course Instructor: Deepa Dillikar MPH, REHS who was mentored by Bill Kimura before his passing leaving all class materials to Deepa.

Deepa Dillikar MPH, REHS is currently working as a REHS for the County of Santa Clara. Deepa Dillikar worked closely with Bill Kimura formally the Division Director  at the Pasadena Health Department and author of the “Kimura Guide”. The Full Course notes and Study Guides were given to Deepa Dillikar to carry on Bill Kimura’s legacy and teaching course.   Deepa Dillikar provides updated printout materials,  powerpoint sheets she creates specifically for the class and pop quizes to show students their strength and weaknesses.

Make sure to order the “Kimura Guide” and be prepared.  (The “Kimura Guide” is NOT included in the class fees and is STILL the 1994 edition that is used.  The new updated version is pending final edit.)